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The Hare And The Tortoise Again- Storyweaver

Hare and Tortoise Once Again- Storyweaver on Baalgatha Podcast

Remember how the slow and steady tortoise beat the arrogant hare in that great race long ago? Now the two are back together again, and they have a task to complete. Each knows that he cannot do it without the other, but can these two big rivals work together?This is a story from the Storyweaver …


Onakke Obavva’s Bravery : How To Overcame A Powerful Enemy Using Presence of Mind

THe hole where Onakke Obavva stood guard

On occasion of Womens’ Day on March 8th, we bring to you a story about an incredible woman- Onakke Obavva. This is a story of her bravery, but also is an example of the dedication of women. Onake Obavva was a woman who fought the forces of Hyder Ali single-handedly with a pestle (Onake) in …


The Battle of Birds and Animals (Hindi) पक्षी और जनवरो की लड़ाई

The story of Swarthi Bats, Birds and Animals

यह कहानी पंचातंत्र से है, जिसमें हम यह सीखते है की अगर हम दल बदलते रहेंगे तो हमारा कोई भी साथ नहीं देगा। चमगादड़ का उदाहरण देकर यह कहानी हमें यह समझती है। यह कहानी अंग्रेज़ी में हम The Selfish Bats इस नाम से प्रकाशित कर चुके है। This is the story involving birds, animals, …


ब्राह्मण, चोर और दानव (Brahman, the Thief and the Demon)

ब्राह्मण, चोर और दानव Brahman, Chor Aur Danav story on Baalgatha Podcast

This is a Hindi story from Pamchatantra which teaches us a moral that one should be careful in choosing one’s company. यह कहानी एक ग़रीब ब्राह्मण के बारे में है, जिसे एक चोर और एक दानव क्षति पहचाना चाहते है। लेकिन क्या चोर और दानव अपने कोशिश में कामयाब होंगे? जांने के लिए सुनिए इस …


Guru Gobind Singh- The Expert Marksman (Story with Moral)

Story from the life of Guru Gobind Singh on Baalgatha Podcast

In this episode, we narrate a story from the life of Guru Gobind Singh ji, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. Today (January 5, 2017) marks his 350th anniversary. The moral of this story is that with discipline and practice, one can not only become strong and achieve great things, but we can also help …

Panchatantra, Podcast

The Broken Pot : Story from Panchatantra

The broken Pot Story on Baalgatha Podcast

In the story The Broken Pot, a Man keeps some rice in a pot and begins to imagine a better life for himself. In the process, he kicks the pot and all the rice spills over him. The moral of this story is that one should not daydream.   How did you find this story …

Hindi, Panchatantra, Podcast

बात कर रही गुफा: हिन्दी में कहानी The Cave That Talked Story in Hindi

Image of Bolti Gufa Baalgatha story The Cave That Talked (in Hindi)

बात कर रही गुफा: The Cave That Talked यह एक चालाक लोमड़ी और एक भूखे शेर की कहानी है, जो हमें सिखाता है कि हम सामान्य ज्ञान का उपयोग करके खतरे से खुद को बचा सकता है । एक लोमड़ी बहुत चालाकी से शेर से खुद को बचाता है। इस पंचतंत्र की एक कहानी है। …

Panchatantra, Podcast

The Eagle And The Crow. Story from Panchatantra

The Crow and the Eagle

The eagle and the crow is a story from Panchatantra.In this story, a crow who tries to imitate the actions of an Eagle and gets into trouble. The moral of this story is that one should not imitate others. Do you have an awesome Kids’ story that you would like to share? You can write …


The Dog And The Donkey Panchatantra Story with a Moral

The Dog And The Donkey Story from Panchatantra

The Dog And The Donkey teaches a moral that one should mind their own business. Once a washer man had a donkey and a dog. It was a hot afternoon. The dog was sleeping under the shady veranda. There was some noise outside. The dog just lifted up his head and went back to sleep. …


The Bug And The Poor Flea

The Bug And The Flea Baalgatha Podcast story from Panchatantra

In this story, a flea who lives in a King’s palace becomes alarmed when another bug enters the palace. the bug  wants to bite the King, and he promises that he will only do so when the King has fallen asleep. However the King is awake when he is bitten by the bug, and gets angry. …