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The Story of Veer Savarkar: How a Pen is Mightier Than a Sword

Postal Stamp on Veer Savarkar

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (28 May 1883 – 26 February 1966) was an Indian pro-independence activist, lawyer, politician, poet, writer and playwright. He advocated dismantling the system of caste in Hindu culture and he wrote the book Indian War of Independence. Listen to his story by clicking below How did you find this story? You can …


Hot Tea And Warm Rugs- Story About Winter

Baalgatha Story Hot Tea

In this story, a little girl describes the sights, sounds, festivals and of course food that makes winter enjoyable. You can listen to Hot Tea and Warm Rugs by clicking below. This is from the Storyweaver collection of Pratham Books, written by Mala Kumar and Manisha Chaudhary, illustrated by Priya Kuriyan. You can learn more …

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Hare on the Moon Jataka Story

Hare on the moon Panchatantra Story

Hare on the moon is a Jataka story of a hare, monkey , otter and jackal. The four animals decide to offer food to the beggars on an auspicious day. The call it the day of upawasa , i.e. a day when they decide to do penance and offer food to the beggars. The monkey and jackal …