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The Hare And The Tortoise Again- Storyweaver

Hare and Tortoise Once Again- Storyweaver on Baalgatha Podcast

Remember how the slow and steady tortoise beat the arrogant hare in that great race long ago? Now the two are back together again, and they have a task to complete. Each knows that he cannot do it without the other, but can these two big rivals work together?This is a story from the Storyweaver …


The Mouse With Seven Tails

This story teaches us that we should not listen to others’ taunts and teasing, and we should stand up for ourselves. A little mouse with seven tails gets seven wishes from her grandmother. Upon getting teased by her classmates in school for having so many tails, she makes one wish everyday and ends up losing …

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बात कर रही गुफा: हिन्दी में कहानी The Cave That Talked Story in Hindi

Image of Bolti Gufa Baalgatha story The Cave That Talked (in Hindi)

बात कर रही गुफा: The Cave That Talked यह एक चालाक लोमड़ी और एक भूखे शेर की कहानी है, जो हमें सिखाता है कि हम सामान्य ज्ञान का उपयोग करके खतरे से खुद को बचा सकता है । एक लोमड़ी बहुत चालाकी से शेर से खुद को बचाता है। इस पंचतंत्र की एक कहानी है। …


Four Friends and a Lion: Panchatantra Story in English

Four Friends and a Lion

This is a story from Panchatantra, in which four friends come across a skeleton while travelling in a forest. Three friends try to show off their knowledge by bringing the animal, in this case a lion to life, while the fourth, uses common sense and climbs a tree. The lion kills the three friends, the …


The Dog And The Donkey Panchatantra Story with a Moral

The Dog And The Donkey Story from Panchatantra

The Dog And The Donkey teaches a moral that one should mind their own business. Once a washer man had a donkey and a dog. It was a hot afternoon. The dog was sleeping under the shady veranda. There was some noise outside. The dog just lifted up his head and went back to sleep. …

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The Wise Monkey Story in English

Wise Monkey Baalgatha Story

In this story, a wise monkey, who is leader of the monkeys, saves his clan by his presence of mind. This is a story with a moral that one needs to do their proper research before jumping for an opportunity. You can listen to this story by clicking below Baalgatha brings to you children’s bedtime …


Teen Padosi Panchatantra Story in Hindi

Teen Padosi Children's Bedtime story with a moral (in Hindi)

Teen Padosi (The Three Neighbors) is a story with a moral in Hindi. The story is as follows: A monkey, a jackal and a rabbit live together : the monkey on the tree, the rabbit in a treehole, and the jackal nearby. They do not get along, and one day, the jackal commits an act …

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The Selfish Bats Children’s Bedtime Story in English

The Selfish Bats Children's Bedtime Story on Baalgatha

The Selfish Bats is a story of how the bats became nocturnal animals. This story teaches a moral that a fair weather friend is rarely accepted. You can listen to this story by clicking below: Baalgatha brings to you children’s bedtime story in audio like Storynory , Sparkle Stories and other children’s bedtime storytelling podcasts. …

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Ass in a Lion’s Skin


Ass in a Lion’s Skin is a Jataka Story . Here the ass’s master puts the lion’s skin over his beast and turns it loose to feed in the grain fields during his travels. The village watchman is usually too terrified to do anything but finally one of them raises the villagers; when they chase …